CR 779. Year 1973

Wv 779 Postsachen

Ces cartons contiennent mes cartes, sacs en plastique, questions, mini-affiches, prises de position des deux dernières années. Je les ai faits pour des expositions, manifestations, aussi contre ...

But what then matters to the author? To breathe, to remain flexible, trunk rolling, as he repeatedly states with a sporty undertone: “To move without getting nowhere.” To be indifferent, to watch, to take up no position, not to take part in the “organisation”, to be empty, to let it pass through oneself, to remain limb, adaptable. “Not to serve the good cause. Not to free Jerusalem. To exhale.” That might sound Far Eastern, but in its provocative softness it is without fatal mysticism. Rather situationist, clung to the moment as an atom of time.

Günther Metken 1978. Translated by e_CR editors



Text (typewriting) and copies of 21 editions and documents of performances in a cardboard case, 32 x 25 x 3 cm, all sent previously by mail (Mail Art)

Berlin: Edition Hundertmark, 1973
Number of copies: 27


Berlin 1972. Amsterdam 1976. Köln 1980. Graz 1981. Hagen 1983. Zürich 1987. Köln 1992


I: Neuwied / Berlin 1971. Berlin 1980 a, p. 101

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