Atmosphärische Drucke

Atmospherical Prints

Impressions Atmosphériques

CR 23. Year 1971

Wv 23 Atmospherical Print 28
Wv 23 Atmospherical Print 1
Wv 23 Atmospherical Print 2
Wv 23 Atmospherical Print 4

A certain number of papers will be exposed to the free air and thus be subjected to the process of ATMOSPHERICAL PRINTS. The process can be subdivided voluntarily according to the temporal ...

La notion du spectaculaire... Jochen Gerz

Die sekundäre besteht darin, mittels des Formprinzips der Serie, der mehrfachen Fotos vom Vorgang, den Ablauf in die Dauer unserer eigenen Zeit während des Betrachtens einzuschreiben. Natürlich gleichen die beiden Zeitanteile sich keineswegs… Der Zeitablauf, verdeutlicht durch den Ablauf unserer Betrachter-Zeit, verbürgt uns eine gewisse Authentizität des dargestellten Lebens.

Georges Schlocker 1975

The works of Jochen Gerz have always had a particular, deliberate relation to time, either in a theme of perception and description as a continuous process, which can only be undertaken in time (as in the four books of “Zeit der Beschreibung" (The time of description), created between 1973 and 1984) or in a rhythm of action and experience, as is constantly evident in his performances, and also in the uncertainties and irritations the participant of these works on memory is constantly confronted with. Time passes, happens, but it does not give certainty nor is there any certainty of it. To engage with this is strategy for the artist ... .

Ulrich Krempel 1988

Performance / Work in public space

Text (ink on paper) Number of copies variable, each 32 x 24 cm

White sheets of paper are laid out at an outdoor location. After a certain period of time, the paper is collected and displayed in transparent plastic bags together with Polaroid photos of the spot where they were laid out.


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Remained sheets of paper, bound

Exhibitions of the documentation

Oldenburg 1985

My name is Jochen Gerz