Les mots se vantent plus pour longtemps

CR 772. Year 1972

Wv 760 Les Mots Se Vantent Gerz All Seite 034 Bild 0001 Bw Copy
Wv 772 Les Mots Se Vantent Plus Pour Longtemps



6 posters (silkscreen), each 71 x 98.9 cm

Paris: Édition Bama, 1972
Number of copies: 15, signed, numbered and dated, 10 copies in a folder with a big photo print of JG, 63.6 x 85.3 cm (To Call until Exhaustion), 5 copies in a cardboard tube

See the performance To Call until Exhaustion (26), Word, no Word (470), One Word, two Words (491) and Res, non verba (514) and the editions Les mots se vantent (760) and Rufen bis zur Erschöpfung (776).


Paris 1972. Rennes 1978. Paris 1989. Hannover 1992. Karlsruhe 1993


IV: Kunstreport 1977, p. 40

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An advertisement card with the handwritten text mot exists with the edition.

My name is Jochen Gerz