To Call until Exhaustion

Rufen bis zur Erschöpfung

Crier jusqu’à l’épuisement

CR 26. Year 1972

Crier jusqu'à l'épuisement Jochen Gerz CR 26 - 028
Wv 26 To Call Until Exhaustion 034

    The question is asked whether something has come to pass here that conforms to the autonomous patterns of relationship between the thing and the individual or which was imposed on him up to estrangement.

    Georges Schlocker 1975. Translated by e_CR editors

    Gefragt wird, ob hier etwas geschehen ist, das mit dem autonomen Beziehungsraster von Ding und Individuum konform geht, oder das ihm aufgezwungen wurde bis zur Entfremdung.

    Georges Schlocker 1975.

    To Call until Exhaustion is a duel between the artist, the “original”, and the mechanism, the medium of reproduction. The issue of deterioration of the original with regard to time is a recurrent theme in Gerz’ s work. Set in front of the camera, whose potential for resistance is greater than that of a human being, the “I” is depicted by its physical limits. The dialectic between the individual and the machine comes up again in Exhibition of Jochen Gerz next to his photographic reproduction (1972): after standing next to a photograph of himself for two hours, the image ends up taking the place of the original. However, the outcome is not always unfavorable to the living being in this dependency-hate relationship between the artist and the machine: in The Smoking, a work made in 1970, Jochen Gerz takes photographs of a smoking factory chimney as often and rapidly as possible until, after 196 pictures, the camera jams.

    J-M. Bouhours, Georges Heck 2002

    The distance that becomes visible can only be bridged acoustically, and only temporarily. In an almost unbearable manner, the act of seeing, like the act of showing, becomes physical here.

    Rudolf Frieling 2006

    Performance / Work in public space

    Video camera, microphone, tripod Duration 18 minutes

    On the construction site of the Charles de Gaulle Airport, Jochen Gerz calls out in the direction of a camera and a microphone placed at a distance of 60 meters until his voice gives out.

    A photo piece and an edition, as well as the video documentation of the same title, are realized on the basis of the performance (616, 776, 669).

    Kunsthalle zu Kiel.


    Le Blanc-Mesnil, 7. Februar 1972. Saarbrücken 1973


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    Video (669), 19:26 min (Jan Herman, New York 1972)

    Vidéo Les Beaux Jours, Strasbourg, imai, inter media art institute, Düsseldorf

    Exhibitions of the documentation

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    My name is Jochen Gerz