Res, non verba

CR 514. Year 1972

Wv 514 Res Non Verba Copy


He produces, incessantly, that which bears the explosive charge for its own defeat. All the works are capable of questioning the presumed messages, statements and expressions of their own account ... they show themselves as something to be suspicious of.

Peter Friese 1991


Visual Poetry

Photography of an inscription in stone, dimensions unknown

Original lost, documents in the archives JG

See the Visual Poetry works Word, no Word (470) and One Word, two Words (491) and the editions Les mots se vantent...(760 and 772) both.

The photography is used for the invitation card of an exhibition at centrodiffusionegrafica in Firenze, 1973.


I: Neuwied 1971

IV: Kunstreport 1977, p. 40

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