White Ghost

CR 453. Year 1998

White ghost Jochen Gerz CR 453 web

Tired, that is how I feel, thinking of people. Tired, like in a work place. Tired of what I do. That is what has changed. We are too many. We kill. The trees, even when they fall, are beautiful. ...

Mixed Media Photograph

2 framed b+w photographs (computer print on OCE-paper), 1 of them with white text in red field, each 163 x 103,5 cm, total 163 x 209 cm

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver


Marl 2000/2001. Huesca 2002. Vancouver 2008 (Alberta 2008. Kamloops 2009. Coquitlam 2009. Kelowna 2010. Abbotsford 2011. Kleinburg 2012)


I: Marl 2000. Huesca 2002. Vancouver 2008

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