White Ghost

CR 452. Year 1998

White ghost Jochen Gerz CR 452 web

Part of me feels a hypocrite: I burn wood, I live in a wooden house, I wipe my ass with paper. I am a user. I use. Forever? For how long? I have been on blockades. Can I compromise? I feel empty. ...

The incident that prompted this artwork was the loss of a bitter dispute over logging; (...) In a manner evident in his other works, Gerz's memorialization of this event became an active collaboration with his island neighbours (...) whom he invited to pose nude in front of the detritus of logging activity. Nearly life-size, the images of aging bodies standing vulnerably in front of giant uprooted trees are powerful metaphors for human desire to control nature, and the inevitable disasters created in the wake of such domination.

Diana Augaitis 2008

White Ghost, the title of Jochen Gerz’s series, refers – perhaps with a certain dose of irony on the part of the artist – to the Chinese expression for souls who are not rooted and take their substance from things. In fact, it seems to me that White Ghost describes the people in the photographs and us as spectators, as well as our civilisation, both efficient and fragile, always at risk of losing its own traces…

Phillipe Mesnard 2008

Mixed Media Photograph

2 framed b+w photographs (computer print on OCE-paper), 1 of them with white text in red field, each 163 x 103,5 cm, total 163 x 209 cm

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver


Marl 2000/2001. Huesca 2002. Vancouver 2008 (Alberta 2008. Kamloops 2009. Coquitlam 2009. Kelowna 2010. Abbotsford 2011. Kleinburg 2012)


I: Marl 2000. Huesca 2002. Vancouver 2008

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