To Speak on Art


CR 793. Year 1979

Wv 793 Fuji Yama Editions

To speak on art & fatal tasks is most rewarding / to muse on far-off mountains never boring



Painted sheet of paper (photographic opaque) with text (type writing), 55 x 76 cm

Paris: Édition Baudoin Lebon, 1979
Number of copies: 13 plus 3 a. p., not numbered

The Edition refers to a sequence of the Fuji- Yama-Series (650). See the editions 794, 797 and 798.

Courtesy Galerie Cora Hölzl, Düsseldorf / Vienna


Paris 1987. Düsseldorf 1991. Hannover 1992. Karlsruhe 1993


I: Dudweiler 1981, o. p.

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