People Speak

CR 110. Year 1993

People Speak Jochen Gerz Cr 110 1 Web

    It might be useful to look at Gerz's works as propositions.

    Gary Dufour 1994

    Whether incomprehensibly idiosyncratic or utterly banal, the assemblage of voices, like any oral history, forms a fragmented picture of an historic moment. The intention driving Gerz' recent public projects is to literally make people speak, in as many languages as possible.

    Helga Pakasaar 1999

    Gerz… creates a work that lives and dies. Its physical manifestation is temporary, but accompanied by the progressive revelation of an immaterial dimension, which essentially comes to expression through language.

    Andreas Hapkemeyer 1999


    Work in Public Space

    Billboard (ink on paper) 240 x 360 cm

    The billboard is realized for the project I Am You – Künstler gegen Gewalt (Artists Against Violence) sponsored by the Goethe-Institut in Munich. Following venues in Odessa, Antwerp and Munich, the work is shown in more than 90 cities on four continents. The billboard shows the words People Speak in thirty different languages, with each color field linking two words from different languages.

    Two editions of the same title are realised on the basis of the project (844, 846).
    The same work was realised again in Basel in 2001 (878).


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    My name is Jochen Gerz