CR 485. Year 1968

Wv 485 Rechtsschreibung Bw


Any attempt verbally to pinpoint Gerz's intentions and methods poses the thread of translating them into a poorer version of themselves. Since his childhood Gerz has laboured over forms of communication, which don't permit easy understanding but require an ability to decode. The left-handed schoolboy submitted himself to the drill at school so as not to deviate from the manual "goosestep". Once released from this duty, he could concentrate on free exercises using his left hand and in doing so committed the flowing script as a mirror image to paper. Thus the scribe's tool challenges the reader's tool, namely the mirror.

Hans-Werner Schmidt 1999


Visual Poetry

Text (typewriting) on paper, 20.8 x 14.9 cm

See the editions Rechtsschreibung (748), Rechtsschreibung ego. &cetera (749), and Postsachen (779).

The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami Beach (1981)


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My name is Jochen Gerz