CR 825. Year 1991

O T Jochen Gerz Cr 825 Web

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The breadth of Gerz's work and the wide variety of media he employs reveal with paradoxical clarity how fragmented narratives and/or disrupted images construct a place from which to consider relations between history (of earlier times and places) perceived at a distance and the immediacy of our personal experience of the present. Memory is invoked to concentrate the past within the continuity of our space in the present.

Gary Dufour 1994



b/w photograph, ripped, photographic opaque, text (typewriting), 40 x 24 x 2 cm, framed

Düsseldorf: Edition Galerie Cora Hölzl, 1991
Number of copies: 10 + 2 a. p.


Düsseldorf 1991. Hannover 1992. Karlsruhe 1993. Düsseldorf 1993

My name is Jochen Gerz