Le matin même, quand ils revinrent

Photo/Text # 2

CR 136. Year 1973

Abb 136

When they returned the same morning, this time with the camera, the fitting lens and the tripod, the craws had left the field. They sat down on the spot and waited; as if they were a part of which ...

All of Gerz's phototext works act to both lure and alienate the viewer. While the fragmentary, enigmatic texts and hermeneutic associations surrounding the image ward off identification, the melancholy beauty of the verbal and visual motifs becomes a siren call to the passerby.

Doris von Drathen 1992



b+w photographs, text (handwritten with ink on wood and typed on paper), mounted in wooden frame, 26 x 32 x 8 cm, stamped: vécu-non-vécu, Jochen Gerz, dated and signed: 18/3/73 Jochen Gerz

In addition to the French version, three German translations has been authorized.

Museum Wiesbaden.
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart.
Collezione Enzo Cannaviello, Milano.
Kunsthalle Bremen


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