In Arcadia

CR 848. Year 1996

In Arcadia Jochen Gerz Cr 848 Web

kaputt sind Freund und Feind

Little by little, a haze invades indeterminate landscapes, the bare forests all look alike, roads glossy with rain mark an uncertain furrow toward unknown destinations, mountains disappear before quiet seas, clouds build up, repetitive and dull in their sameness. Where are we? No one knows. It is the hight of anonymity. Nothingness has invaded the Earth.

Anne Dagbert 1986



b/w photograph, vinyl letters, text (ink), sandblasted glass, framed, 22.5 x 27.5 x 2.1 cm

Hannover: Galerie Sandmann & Haak
Number of copies: 12 with certification


Hannover 1996

My name is Jochen Gerz