Fotografieren, um fahren zu können

To photograph in order to be able to drive

CR 16. Year 1971

Fotografieren Um Fahren Zu Können Jochen Gerz Cr 016 Web

    Here, today’s experience of loneliness endorses itself on the ever darkening picture. The outside world emerges, still separated through the windscreen. It is there and yet it is not there: An image or rather a reflection, which is technically defective. Blow up… until you are alone.

    Georges Schlocker 1975. Translated by e_CR editors

    Da überträgt sich das Einsamkeitserlebnis von heute ins immer dunkler werdende Bild. Außenwelt tritt in Erscheinung, aber durch die Windschutzscheibe getrennt. Sie ist da und gleichzeitig nicht da: ein Abbild, eines das obendrein noch verschwimmt, technisch also unvollkommen ist. Blow up… bis du alleine bist.

    Georges Schlocker 1975

    As the present becomes absent in a split second, the former must somehow be grasped. There are two possible ways to achieve this: either we inscribe the former into our memory or we allow images to do it for us.

    Bojana Pejic 1993



    Full title: Fotografieren, um fahren zu können, bis du allein bist, To photograph in order to be able to drive until you are alone

    Camera with b/w film, camera mount, car Duration 75 minutes

    Jochen Gerz drives from downtown Düsseldorf to a thinly populated area during the night. He presses the shutter release on a camera attached to his forehead at irregular intervals. The performance ends with the car enveloped in darkness.

    A photo piece (614) and an edition of the same title are realized on the basis of the performance (785).


    Düsseldorf 1971


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