CR 398. Year 1990

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The red letters, “ERASE”, are recognizable not as a superimposed fragment, but in the photograph itself. A black surface is adjacent to them; as if a part of the black area had jumped over the white margin, the photograph has been cut into by a black bar. A series of eight works make for a confusing and irritating game. The letters of “ERASE’ get larger and larger, while the photograph remains the same. The reverse is true of the works on the Eastern side.

Doris von Drahten 1992

Mixed Media Photograph

ERASE # 4: 2 framed b+w photographs, 1 of them with text collage (red vinyl), each 45,7 x 33,1 cm, total 45,7 x 67,2 cm

THE PAST # 8: 2 framed b+w photographs, 1 of them with text collage (red and black vinyl), each 18 x 13 cm,total 18 x 27 cm

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn


Berlin 1991. Bonn 1995


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