5 Billboards for Banff

CR 802. Year 1984

Wv 802 Billboards For Banff Jochen Gerz 081 Copy
Wv 802 Billboards For Banff Jochen Gerz 084 Copy

Those who know will say least

Die davon wissen, werden schweigen

Qui en a connaissance se taira

те кто знает скажут меньше всего

אלה שיודעים לא יאמרו דבר



5 Postcards, each 10.4 x 15.3 cm, case with glued b/w photograph, cardboard, 21 x 21 cm

Banff: Banff Art Center, 1984
The edition refers to the work in public space of the same title (86)

Text on the b/w photograph

Elliot Barnes showing Stoney Indian his camera, Kootenay Plains, Alberta, ca. 1907

My name is Jochen Gerz