CR 805. Year 1985

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repetition, the only consideration for truth (a quote)
images by themselves, whereas words are jealous (a quote)
an ultimate boundary, or dolls within dolls (a quote)
matter into abstracta: ...



2 b/w-photo collages, each 12.6 x 17.7 cm, text on paper (book print), folded 29.7 x 21 cm, total 22 x 88.5 cm, in printed cardboard case

Köln: Edition Zufall, 1985
Number of copies: 40 + 10 a. p., dated and signed with mirror writing in the middle, verso numbered and stamped

See the Mixed Media Photograph of the same title (285).

Kunsthalle Bremen


Bergkamen 1987. Düsseldorf 1991. Hannover 1992. Karlsruhe 1993. Leverkusen 1996. Essen 1996

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