The New Derision

CR 98. Year 1989

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A man who had been blindfolded was brought to a place he did not know. Once there he said to his kidnappers

The fragmented photographs and unfinished texts hold back on purpose from imposing any "truth" or clear cut answers. Like life, they contain a certain doubt for the viewer who must play a game of personal introspection.

Stephen Snoddy 1992


Work in Public Space

Scanachrome, 300 x 500 cm

During the exhibition Viewpoints at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal the motif of a photograph with overlaid text is exhibited both at the museum (The New Derision 2) (364) and in public space.

An edition of the same title exists as well (813).


Montréal, 13.9.1989 - 14.1.1990


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