Sleeping Dog

Der schlafende Hund

Le chien endormi

CR 299. Year 1984

The Sleeping Dog Jochen Gerz Cr 299 Web

"The Sleeping Dog" is the story of two people who, although they had already been living away from each other for a long time, had not stopped thinking about one another. The reason for their ...

Mixed Media Photograph

18 framed b+w photographs, 2 framed texts (typed on paper, enlarged photographs), each 40,5 x 50,5 cm, total 248 x 407 cm

The text is typed in three languages.

The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto


Ludwigshafen 1984. Calais 1986 (Chartres 1986). München1989. Vancouver 1994 (Newport Beach 1995. Purchase 1996. Winnipeg 1996/97)


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