CR 390. Year 1990

Wv 390 Life After
Wv 390 Life After 1990 Gerz Video Still Copy
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For Gerz, modernity is only a metaphor, "the acknowledgement that we didn't make it yet". Refusing to suggest or impose a solution, Gerz leaves several sections of these works "undone", as separately framed blanks. Perhaps these voids, these images-that-have-not-appeared-yet, are spaces left open for what he envisions as "life after humanism, a second modernity: non-material art and art without authors.”

Bojana Pejic 1992

​Mixed Media Photograph

16 framed b+w photographs, 10 of them with a text colage (red and black vinyl), each 40,5 x 50,5 cm, total 165 x 325 cm

Courtesy Galerie Sandmann, Hannover


Paris 1991. Bremen 1992 (Karlsruhe 1993. Manchester 1993. Saarbrücken 1993. Altenburg 1993. Potsdam 1993)


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