The Exhibition

CR 84. Year 1984

Wv 84 Lexposition
Wv 84 Lexposition 1

This place was the one he called the observatory. He spent the rest of his life here until 1984. From the start, even though ignorant of his fate, he set it up exactly like this, as if being seen ...

Gerz is working against the myth of the artist. Unreflective acceptance and mechanical, linear use of language and images result in their destruction as a form of communication, similar to what Vilém Flusser analysed and described as the fate of technical pictures. Here, two positions meet that are trying to reach related, perhaps even analogous goals. Their common ground is doubt and scepticism about thing, things that are and yet are not, and the way things purport to be.

Andreas Vowinkel 1992



2 venetian blinds, each 160 x 70 cm, text (typed on paper, framed), 40 x 30 cm, control lamp
The visitor encounters a closed door with a glass window and a venetian blind affixed to its reverse side. He gazes into a room through the slats and sees an open window with an identical venetian blind on the opposite side. The framed typescript hangs next to the door to the room. It is part of the Mixed Media Photograph of the same title (295).


Avignon 1984


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