La situation était comparable

Die Szene war vergleichbar

Photo/Text # 10

CR 144. Year 1973

La situation était comparable Jochen Gerz Cr 144 Web

La situation était comparable. Peut-être s’était-elle vraiment penchée un peu en avant en parlant. Et quand il lui avait répondu qu’il n’avait pas compris, il pouvait très bien lui aussi s’être ...

…Jochen Gerz' photographs can appear banal, devoid of an artistic approach. They could be photos taken by an amateur, as have been any number of photographs used by the Narrative Art artists, who reject all dramatization or fictional frameworks with no relation to a/their reality. Fiction is created by the combined viewing of the two mediums, photograph and text.

Anne Dagbert 1986



2 b+w photographs, text (handwritten with ink on cardboard and typed on paper), mounted on cardboard, wooden frame, 40 x 50 cm, stamped: gelebt - nicht gelebt, Jochen Gerz, dated and signed: 31/5/73 Jochen Gerz

In addition to the German original a French translation has been authorized.

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart


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