How Can You Live

Comment vivre

CR 102. Year 1992

Comment Vivre Jochen Gerz Cr 102 004 Web
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Right now in Paris a man turns around struck by the same thought:
How can you live at the dawn of the 21st century with religion?

Like the Situationists of the 60's, Gerz does not acknowledge art as a separate, specialised activity. His work has two poles: not art and life, but life and culture, which he keeps in constant opposition. Art itself is for him an artifice, an invention based on the "fixation on creativity, La Grande Différence." (Jochen Gerz)

Bojana Pejic 1992


Work in Public Space

2 posters (ink on paper), each 110 x 150 cm

The work is realized for the exhibition in public space entitled Transvoices. The poster, which is simultaneously exhibited inside the NY subway and the Paris metro, shows the profile of a woman, a written question and a reference to the other exhibition location. The texts are composed in the respective languages of the exhibition site.

The motif relates to the earlier photo piece entitled La femme de Tasmanie (297)


New York und Paris, 16.9. - 15.11.1992. Paris 1996


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My name is Jochen Gerz