Donner de l'eau

Giving Water

CR 20. Year 1971

Donner De Leau Jochen Gerz Cr 20 004 Web
Donner De Leau Jochen Gerz Cr 20 003 Web
Donner De Leau Jochen Gerz Cr 20 002 Web
Donner De Leau Jochen Gerz Cr 20 001 Web
Donner De L Eau Jochen Gerz Cr 20 1 Web

    Principally, the artist's intervention is so designed that the other people in this situation (at first pedestrians on the street, later visitors in museums and galleries) are enabled to share a lively experience. The "subjects" of performances and installations are never alien to there location; rather, it could be said that they are identical with the location in a different aggregate state. In this respect Gerz seems to continue the work of the French situationists whose détournements of the early 1960s came close to performance art.

    Herbert Molderings 1984



    Duration 90 minutes

    Lawn sprinklers are watering lawns in the Jardin des Plantes.

    A photo piece of the same title is realized on the basis of the performance (622)


    Jardin des Plantes, Paris 1971


    I: Darmstadt 1973, pp. 89-113. Bolzano 1999, p. 111

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    My name is Jochen Gerz