But a few hills

Nur ein paar Hügel

Photo/Text # 101

CR 235. Year 1978

Nur Ein Paar Hügel Photo T101 Jochen Gerz Cr 235 Web

But a few hills, cut into the fog. A few partridges out there in front, close and invisible. A shot, a shot, my kingdom... But a few hills, the very simplest thing. Was it he? Neighbors, friends... ...



3 framed b+w photographs, 1 framed text (typed on paper), each 13,5 x 18,5 cm, total 13,5 x 83,6 cm, non-exhibited left-right reversed manuscript (ink on paper), stamped: gelebt/nicht gelebt, signed and dated left-right reversed: Jochen Gerz 11/9/78

In addition to the German/English original a German exhibition version exists at Studio Gerz.

Collection Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp


Bielefeld 1981


I: Luzern 1979, p. 68-69. Spenge 1980, p. 188-189

II: Syring 1980, p. 20

IV: Neue texte 1978, p. 24-25

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My name is Jochen Gerz