A Male Token

CR 351. Year 1988

A Male Token Jochen Gerz Cr 351 Web

For the first time, the pleasure of understanding or simply sharing proved stronger than her cultural need to reject. She easily admitted that in the end both, her past and future, could turn out to ...

Nor is it easy to decode the photographs by Gerz, whose special merit consists in their quality as snapshots. At first glance the motifs appear familiar but by grouping the matter into similar pairs or duplicates, by avoiding studied artistic interventions Gerz achieves an effect as if drawing a transparent veil of unfamiliarity. If Gerz forms columns of lines to supplement illustrations, suggesting a correspondance between text and image, the reader very soon arrives in a no-man's land - in which he tries to locate the meaning of the two only seemingly related information systems.

Hans-Werner Schmidt 1999

Mixed Media Photograph

2 framed b+w photographs, 1 of them with text collage (red vinyl), each 40,5 x 50,5 cm, 1 b+w photograph with text collage, 40,5 x 20 cm, total 82 x 82,5 cm

In addition to the English original a German translation has been authorized.

Sammlung A. Hundertmark, Köln


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