You may of course remove

French Wall # 68

CR 582. Year 1975

You May Of Course Remove French W Jochen Gerz Cr 582 Web

You may of course remove all the colour & search for what came first, the music or the pianist. You might as well leave it like this & let it take a tender look (for itself) at the rainbow.
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French Wall

2 b/w-photographs, drawing, text (handwriting), cardboard, black adhesive cloth tape, acrylic glass, wooden frame, 90 x 61 cm, signed and dated on cardboard middle right: Jochen Gerz 1975

Kunstmuseum Bonn


Karlsruhe 1975 (Duisburg 1975/1976. Braunschweig 1976). Bonn 1982. Nürnberg 1996/1997 (Düsseldorf 1997. Saint-Étienne 1997). Bonn 2001


I: Karlsruhe 1975, p. 149. Düsseldorf 1997, pp. 152 – 153

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My name is Jochen Gerz