CR 477. Year 1967

Weiss 1
Weiss 2
Weiss 3


...he brings work and the image back to their origin. "Weiss" ("white") is composed of letters: signs. White is only understandable through its opposite: black as a picture. Form gains meaning only in its context on the surface, in relationship to other forms, in signs and images, not through itself. The letters remain what they are: inanimate form. They take on their content through the eyes of the viewer.

Andreas Vowinkel 1992


Visual Poetry

Collage cuttings (Letraset) on tracing paper, 6 sheets, each 27 x 21 cm


Zaragoza 1969. Berlin 2021


VI: Neuwied und Berlin 1971, pp. 8-13

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My name is Jochen Gerz