Together forever

French Wall # 39

CR 553. Year 1973/1974

Together Forever French W39 Jochen Gerz Cr 553 Web

One thing was pink
the other one brown.
The pink thing became
an image one year ago
the other thing is becoming one

As it becomes evident, timelessness is created in Gerz’s works in various ways, but always from the relation to time. Dialectically related with this is the recognition in his work that contrary to the timelessness of the here and now the consciousness of the link of the artistic work with time is created from the perception that timelessness has no duration.

Ulrich Krempel, 1988


French Wall # 39

Paper, text (handwriting),cardboard, black adhesive cloth tape, acrylic glass, stamped wooden frame, 40 x 50 cm, signed and dated lower middle: Jochen Gerz (1973/74)

Collection Dorte de Chaisemartin, Neuilly sur Seine


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