The Voyage 1979-1984

Die Reise 1979-1984

CR 293. Year 1984

Die Reise Jochen Gerz Cr 293 Web

"You must not go away, as long as I am here. You should not fall asleep, three days and nights, as long as I am under way..." (The voyage, 1979)

"Do not take the dust away from my eyes. Let me go, ...

​Mixed Media Photograph

8 framed b+w photographs, 4 framed texts (typed on paper, enlarged photograph), each 40,5 x 50,5 cm, total 165 x 484 cm

A performance of the same title has been realized (77). An installation photograph of the work is part of Photo/Text 127 (261).

In addition to the English original a German translation has been authorized.

The Power Institute of Fine Arts, Sydney


Sydney 1984 (Melbourne 1984). Calais 1986 (Chartres 1986)


I: Calais 1986, pp. 66-67

II: Short 1984, p. 10

VI: Düsseldorf 1997, pp. 70-71

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My name is Jochen Gerz