The Pictures of the End are the Pictures of the Beginning

CR 722. Year 1995

Wv 722  The Picture Of The End 1994 Bildanfrage Dz Bank Copy

The pictures of the end are the pictures of the beginning

... An image is a visual representation. It is used to represent the culture. And culture, in order to be present and visible, needs to be represented by and in images. As the present becomes absent in a split second, the former must somehow be grasped. There are two possible ways to achieve this: either we inscribe the present in our memory or we allow images to do it for us... Made and signed by the artist, these images belong to and make up (Art) History. The "true" image is not "frozen": it belongs to remembrance, direct seeing and expectation.

Bojana Pejic 1993


Single work

Acrylic glass, photographic opaque, vinyl 70.7 x 70.7 cm

5 pieces

DZ BANK (Kunstsammlung), Frankfurt am Main


My name is Jochen Gerz