Pièce avec un aveugle

Piece with a Blind Man

CR 13. Year 1970

Piece Avec Jochen Gerz Cr 13

Quand nous sommes arrivés sur le trottoir, je lui ai demandé si je pouvais le reconduire à l'endroit d'où nous venions.

The process attests the severance of the process. Only through such a detachment from the so called normal run of things is the right organ for becoming aware of just that being encouraged: imagination.

Georges Schlocker 1974. Translated by e_CR editors

Den Prozeß beurkundet der Abbruch des Prozesses. Erst durch solche Abhebung aus dem sogenannten normalen Lauf wird zu dessen Bewußtmachung das richtige Organ angespornt, die Phantasie nämlich. 

Georges Schlocker 1974

… We can see each of Gerz' work as a kind of self-portrait, a renewed skeptical positing of the definition of his identity and a confrontation with the inner "other", which activates structures of existence the underlying code of which he cannot reach. The skepticism frustrates the definition of the self's identity each time anew, and at the same time weaves the web of both artistic and his private existence.

Mordechai Omer 1995



A blind man is led across a street by Jochen Gerz. The crossing is repeated several times.

A photo piece of the same title is realized on the basis of the documentation (605).


Paris 1970


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