CR 111. Year 1994

Ok Ko Jochen Gerz Cr 111 Web 2

    It could all have started with the recognition that time passes, and that as it passes we, our experiences and points of reference change. The passing of time has been evident from the changes going on around us, and it is only from here, from outside, in other words, that we have been able to perceive the changes in ourselves. We have felt something of the movement and duration of time, where we made a pause, where we took a look, marked a point in time from which our gaze could move forward. And from here, one day, something of that time that has passed with us became perceptible. The changes in things lay hidden in it and the reversal of values. So what would it mean to become aware of this?

    Ulrich Krempel 1988



    Standard-face clock, 4 black metal letters, white paint

    The face and numbers on a standard-face clock are white. The letter "O" is attached to the short end of the hour hand, the letter "K" is attached to the short end of the minute hand. Depending upon the positions of the hands, the configurations "OK" or "KO" appear.

    Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Genève


    My name is Jochen Gerz