Nice to Meet You

CR 69. Year 1979

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    Gerz is working against the myth of the artist. Unreflective acceptance and mechanical, linear use of language and images result in their destruction as a form of communication, similar to what Vilém Flusser analysed and described as the fate of technical pictures. Here, two positions meet that are trying to reach related, perhaps even analogous goals. Their common ground is doubt and scepticism about things that are and yet are not, and the way things purport to be.

    Andreas Vowinkel 1992. Translated by e_CR editors

    Jochen Gerz is an artist who has mastered the methods and tactics of the visual arts and yet, at the same time, foils them; he is an artist whose position on the open border between the visual, the literary and performance is rightly defined as a no man's land "between the chairs", for he pursues a strategy which assimilates daily experiences with the "media world" and severely questions them with regard to the way they work. The skepticism with which this is done manifests itself in the many parts, as well as, the ambiguity of the images and literary fragments which are intended to engender associations.

    Peter Friese 1992



    Photographic opaque, headphones, punching ball, monitor
    Duration approx. 20 minutes

    Quotations allude to various earlier Gerz-performances (e.g. Greek Pieces, The painting Mouth, Purple Cross for Absent Now) in an ironic retrospective review. Technical equipment is present in abundance, but none of it works.


    Lyon 1979. Hamburg 1979


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    My name is Jochen Gerz