Leaves had gathered under the canopy

Unter dem Vordach hatte sich Laub gesammelt

Photo/Text # 91

CR 225. Year 1976/78

Unter Dem Vordach Photo T91 Jochen Gerz 225 Web

Leaves had gathered under the canopy. The doors were half-open. They recalled the tomb that C. had constructed not far from here. The desire to close them had come to him only later, while looking ...



3 framed b+w photographs, each 18,5 x 13,5 cm, 1 framed text (typed on paper), 13,5 x 18,5 cm, total 18,5 x 67cm, non-exhibited left-right reversed manuscript (ink on paper), stamped: gelebt/nicht gelebt, signed and dated left-right reversed: Jochen Gerz 8/1/76 - 18/1/78

In addition to the German original an English translation has been authorized.

Sammlung H. Kern, München


Hannover 1978. Köln 1982 (Stuttgart). Bolzano 1996. (Frankfurt 1997)


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