It was a warm summer night

Es war ein warmer Abend im Sommer

Photo/Text # 113

CR 247. Year 1980

Es War Ein Warmer Abend Photo T113 Jochen  Gerz Cr 247 Web

It was a warm summer night. It was a wonderful occasion. It was certainly one of the most beautiful flats you could find, right over Merrion Square. Yeats would have been there, Joyce would have ...



8 framed b+w photographs, 1 framed text (typed on paper), each 13,5 x 18,5 cm, total 42,1 x 76,4 cm, non-exhibited left-right reversed manuscript (ink on paper), signed and dated left-right reversed: Jochen Gerz 26/7/80

In addition to the English original an German translation has been authorized.

Fondation Gordon Matta Clark, Antwerp


Turnhout 1992


I: Spenge 1983, p. 40-44. Turnhout 1992, p. 39

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My name is Jochen Gerz