Der Lärm der Stiefel, die Stille der Pantoffeln

The Noise of the Boots, the Silence of the Slippers

CR 116. Year 1995

Der lärme der Stiefel Jochen Gerz CR 116 web 2

The Noise of the Boots, the Silence of the Slipper

The exhibition is the point where time is stopped.

Ulrich Krempel 1988

This is just one example of Gerz's belief in art as a poetic act of faith. Rather than dealing with commemoration through the presence of a column as a monument, he chooses to emphasise the physical absence of the monument, as it will thus grow more significant in our minds - a living commemoration.

Bojana Pejic 1993



Red vinyl letters

A text is affixed to a wall at a height of 60 cm. The installation is realized for the exhibition entitled Dem Deutschen Deserteur (To the German Deserter).


Galerie Hubertus Wunschik, Düsseldorf 1995


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