Der Grazer Anschluß - Heute ist gestern

The Graz Annexation – Today is Yesterday

L'annexion de Graz - Hier est aujourd'hui

CR 93. Year 1988

Der Grazer Anschluss Hete Iste Gestern Jochen Gerz Cr 93 002 Web
Der Grazer Anschluss Hete Iste Gestern Jochen Gerz Cr 93 007 Web



Jochen Gerz’s work develops out of writing, and from this point of view his interventions in public spaces can be seen as extensions of the printed page. Like other artists of his generation, he regarded the page of the book as an already public space, and his goal was to alter its structure. But the notion of the page as a place of social interchange, and as such subservient to the same conventions that control the use of all such spaces, also implied the possibility of its use in those other spaces, without in any way ceasing to be subversive.

Marion Hohlfeldt 1999

Locating art in public space can intensify the individual’s aesthetic experience, for example, in terms of the physical detection of current and former atmospheres, the perception of the foreign/diverse…

Paolo Bianchi 2016


Work in Public Space

White and black vinyl letters on Scanachrome, front 226 x 230 cm, reverse 226 x 110 cm

The work was realized within the context of the exhibition Bezugspunkte, 50 Jahre Anschluß in Graz. Both sides of the billboard show a motif from the Graz tourism advertising campaign of 1988. Depending upon the point of view, the text reads either Der Grazer heute - Anschluss ist gestern (The Grazer today - Annexation is yesterday) or Der Grazer Anschluss - heute ist gestern (The Graz annexation - today is yesterday).

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz


Hauptplatz, Graz 1988


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