Der Garten

The Garden

French Wall # 7

CR 521. Year 1971

Wv 521 Fw07 Bw Copy

a) the people
b) the entrance
c) the water distributor
d) the flowers
e) the path
f) the hedge
g) the statue
h) the Museum
i) the trees
j) the clouds
k) the park-keeper


French Wall

Tracing paper, text (handwriting, ink), cardboard, black adhesive cloth tape, acrylic glass, wooden frame, 40 x 30 cm

Kunstmuseum Bonn


Karlsruhe 1975 (Duisburg 1975/1976. Braunschweig 1976). Bonn 1982. Nürnberg 1996/1997 (Düsseldorf 1997. Saint-Etienne 1997). Bonn 2001


I: Karlsruhe 1975, p. 145. Düsseldorf 1997, pp. 26-27

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