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CR 15. Year 1971

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The proposed process consists of photographing the second day of every month between... and... at the same hour...

The process attests the severance of the process. Only through such a detachment from the so called normal run of things is the right organ for becoming aware of just that being encouraged: imagination.

Georges Schlocker 1974. Translated by e_CR editors

Den Prozeß beurkundet der Abbruch des Prozesses. Erst durch solche Abhebung aus dem sogenannten normalen Lauf wird zu dessen Bewußtmachung das richtige Organ angespornt, die Phantasie nämlich.

Georges Schlocker 1974

Photographs are comparable to language in that they are "reproductions from life" (Jochen Gerz). They are slices of real situations. But they are not what they show, they are just images on the surface, abstractions of reality. Thus, they become something like signs that play different roles, depending on who is watching and reading them. That is the foundation of Jochen Gerz's strategy for awakening our perception. He touches upon our own existence and feelings, tries to shake the linear thinking that hobbles woodenly from cliché to cliché.

Andreas Vowinkel 1992

Instruction, camera, film

A notice informs readers that a photograph is to be taken from a certain location on the second day of each month for one year. The performance starts on January 2, 1971. It is terminated on March 2, when the photographer is arrested. The film is removed from the camera and exposed. Two photographs show the La Santé prison in Paris.

A photo piece of the same title is realized on the basis of the performance (612). Furthermore an edition of the same title exists (746).


Boulevard Arago, Paris, 2.1. - 2.3.1971


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Booklet, 21 x 27 cm, 15 pages, 200 copies

My name is Jochen Gerz