CR 620. Year 1972

Whereas Jochen Gerz CR 620

(whereas) comprehension of time (is) imperfect

Little by little, a haze invades indeterminate landscapes... Where are we? No one knows. It is the height of anonymity. Nothingness has invaded the Earth. Since 1969, when he began making works of art composed of black and white photographs accompanied by a text... Jochen Gerz has never departed from this will to step back from the factual events of society. This is all the more noticeable in these works in that... there is a radical denunciation of the way culture functions in Occidental society.

Anne Dagbert 1986

The artist does not take us out of the time in which we watch the action; he restores to us our pleasure in time, by seeming to devalue this, takes from us the measurability of time, by putting time at our disposal as the here and now. In momentary actions the preciousness of time in the world of objects is tangible for a moment. Experience in time may suspend time, but the action of the artist creates the precondition for this: “Even time wants to be timeless, as if it were tired of itself”.

Ulrich Krempel 1988


Single work

Text (typewriting), framed, 35 b/w photographs, framed, each 21 x 32 cm, allover 112 x 265 cm

Private collection
Archiv für Künstlernachlässe Pulheim


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