Ti Amo

CR 695. Year 1985

Wv 701 Ti Amo Farbig 1985

    “Ti amo” – not a declaration of love, rather a model for the fascination with life which only art can express.

    Friedemann Malsch 1988

    So Gerz succeeds in balancing disparate things in such a way that they neutralize each other. This is a method of dialectics turned in upon itself. As this paralyzes itself in this way, it opens the possibility of an open, that is, not pre-structured perception.

    Friedemann Malsch 1988



    Videotape, U-Matic, color, sound, 19 min 15sec Courtesy Vidéo les Beaux Jours, la Maison de l’Image, Strasbourg and imai, inter media art institute, Düsseldorf

    The video has been recorded at the École des Beaux-Arts in Reims.

    Fonds d'art contemporain de la Ville de Genève.
    Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin.
    Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.


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    My name is Jochen Gerz