The real why

French Wall # 87

CR 601. Year 1975

The real why french W87 Jochen Gerz CR 601 web1

“the real why”

Why has wondering become an essentially private affair?

Lawrence Rinder 1999

… Someone who asks such questions doesn’t finish his laps, will go neither forward or backwards, or around in a circle. He does not want to have to produce art. He is a radical counter-figure to the dominant tendencies for planning, career-moves and adjustment. As an author he is neither a riser or a drop-out: he is on strike.

Paolo Bianchi 2000


French Wall

Wire, adhesive tape, photographic opaque, text (handwriting), wood, 40 x 157 cm, signed and dated lower right: Jochen Gerz 1975

Collection C. Meyer-Stoll, München


Nürnberg 1996/1997 (Düsseldorf 1997. Saint-Etienne 1997).


I: Düsseldorf 1997, pp. 190-191

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My name is Jochen Gerz