No Leaks (Last News)

Le retour des plombiers

CR 94. Year 1988

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    …Thinking “in situ” flows together with the meditation on time past and work done, in which the changes lie hidden.

    Ulrich Krempel 1988

    In contrast to politically involved artists of the 60's and 70's who considered art as a weapon to be wielded in the everyday debates in the arena of social policy, Gerz pursues a more radical approach by continually calling communications systems into question not as neutral instruments but as elements of an existing order.

    Hans-Werner Schmidt 1999



    Copper tubing, l = 2000 cm, d = 1 cm, 2 loudspeakers, amplifier, cassette recorder, microphone, water

    A length of copper tubing leads upward from the exhibition space through an atrium used as a hothouse to a point six meters higher, where it culminates one meter above a rooftop terrace. Water drips from the end of the tube. The sounds of a babbling fountain located at a different spot in the exhibition area are heard in the hothouse.


    Nice 1988

    My name is Jochen Gerz