Free Florence Nightingale

CR 709. Year 1990

Free Florence Nightingale Jochen Gerz Cr 709 Web

    Another aspect of these works is that they make us sensitive to "change" (both within the artwork in question, and beyond or outside it). These works often also "refer to" or "call to mind" or "evoke in us" history. But, being activated, we do not see in them works that force a vision of history on us. They create a free space: not only for the imagination but also for OUR conscience, our emotions, thoughts, memories. They leave us free to think, to feel, to choose a position vis á vis the past and the present.

    A.B. Meadows 2010


    Single work

    7 framed photographs, each 40 x 50 cm, all over 280 x 50 cm

    See the edition Free... (822)

    Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf
    Klaus E. Blach, Mörfelden-Walldorf


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