Er wusste es nicht

He did not know

Photo/Text # 105

CR 239. Year 1980

Er Wusste Es Nicht Photo T105 Jochen Gerz Cr 239 Web

He did not know. No, no one had asked him about it. They would not come back? No, it did not matter that they asked. Yes, of course he remembered. Today? If he thought it was possible today? The ...



9 framed b+w photographs, 1 framed text (typed on paper), each 13,5 x 18,5 cm, total 42,1 x 83,6 cm, non-exhibited left-right reversed manuscript (ink on paper), stamped: gelebt/nicht gelebt, signed and dated left-right reversed: Jochen Gerz 14/4/80

In addition to the German/English original a German exhibition version exists at Studio Gerz.

Courtesy Galerie Baudoin Lebon, Paris.
Stiftung Kunstfonds, Archiv für Künstlernachlässe, Pullheim.


Essen 1980. Bielefeld 1981


I: Essen 1980, p. 46. Spenge 1980, p. 204-207

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