Das Vergehen von Hören und Sehen

The Passing of Hearing and Seeing

CR 41. Year 1974

Das Vergehen Von Horen Und Sehen Cr 41 3 Web

    In this piece, all the available media are destroyed. The audience confronted with this destruction really does experience the passing of hearing and seeing.

    Margarethe Joachimsen 1975 Translated by e_CR editors

    In dieser Arbeit wird alles, was an Medien vorhanden ist, vernichtet. Dem Publikum, das mit diesen Zerstörungen konfrontiert wird, vergeht im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes Hören und Sehen.

    Margarethe Joachimsen 1975

    … A duel between the artist, the “original”, and the mechanism, the medium of reproduction. The issue of deterioration of the original with regard to time is a recurrent theme in Gerz’s work.

    Jean-Michel Bouhours 2002

    Performance / Installation

    (with Nikolaus Einhorn)
    2 chairs, 2 cameras, 14 b/w films, 2 microphones, 2 amplifiers, 2 speakers, 2 partition screens

    Two persons sit facing one another at a distance of 20 metres, taking photographs of each other. The exposed rolls of film are taken out of the camera, unrolled and hung on two opposite walls. The sounds of the camera shutters are played back from loudspeakers placed opposite one another.


    Bochum 1974


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