Bilder einer Ausstellung

Pictures at an exhibition

CR 889. Year 2006

Bilder Einer Ausstellung Jochen Gerz Cr 889 Web

sieh mich nicht an
gib mir keinen Namen

Each of his written and iconographic formulations has been made in full awareness of its media existence. Gerz himself expresses his thought in these terms: “Working with the media, on the media, working the media, it’s all one and the same. One can’t exist without the other. I don’t paint, sculpt, or draw, but I use photography, words, sound, my body, and also the moving image."

Friedemann Malsch 2002


Work in public space

Duisburg, Deutschland

Texts on LED-display, 400 x 300 cm

Displayed for the first time for one second each, between advertisements on an LED billboard at the main railway station in Hamburg in 1989, the ten texts from the Pictures at an Exhibition installation of 1974 were shown outside the Duisburg station as part of the PubliCity exhibition in 2006.

See the installation Pictures at an exhibition (42), the work in public space (96) and the editions (791) and (807).


Duisburger Akzente, Stadt Duisburg, Duisburg Marketing, Kunststiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal, Söke Dinkla, Christian Esch


Duisburg 2006


I: Duisburg/Nürnberg 2006, pp. 40-41, 176

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