CR 10. Year 1969

Tram Projekt Jochen Gerz Cr 10 - 1
Wv 10 Tram Projekt 1969 Jochen Gerz

    Gerz’ undertakings work in a sharp contrast to the other art actions in the exhibition. They barely offer any formal or spatial appeal, but are rather meaning-markers in a poetic sense. An immediate invitation to become aware of something.

    Peter Althaus 1969. Translated by e_CR editors

    Jochen Gerz started in the street, the site of both revolution and repression, where life takes place.

    Bojana Pejic 1992


    Work in public space

    White acrylic paint

    During the exhibition "Für Veränderungen aller Art" painted white rails for the tramway lines 3, 4, and 14 lead into the Kunsthalle of Basel.


    Basel 1969


    I: Bolzano 1999, p. 104

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    My name is Jochen Gerz