Il n'y a pas de mystère : c'est votre savoir qui vous tuera

Es ist kein Geheimnis: Euer Wissen wird euch töten

There is no Mystery: Your Knowledge will Kill You

CR 79. Year 1982

Es Ist Klein Geheimnis Jochen Gerz Kassel 9
Il Ny A Pas De Mystère Jochen Gerz 1982 84  Chambery France
There Is No Mystery Jochen Gerz 1982 Il N'y a Pas De Mystère  CR 79
There Is No Mystery Jochen Gerz 1982 Deutsch 1
There Is No Mystery Jochen Gerz Tel Hai Israël 3

There is no Mystery: Your Knowledge will kill You

It might be useful to look at all of Gerz’s work as propositions. His questions are posed to the culture we know, to histories we have absorbed, and to the modes of expression we have come to trust as sources of essential information. In almost every text the question of a troubled culture and the uncertainty of personal memory are at issue. Seemingly, personal, almost confessional, narratives are held with a suspicion equal to that which Gerz has for ideologies that drive the politics or economies of nation states.

Gary Dufour 1994


Work in public space

b/w photograph/Scanachrome, 260 x 360 cm

A billboard shows an image of an upside-down skyline with a text positioned above. The motif was first used in the Photo/Text F/T 118 (252).


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